Flexible service
– JP-Konepaja Oy

JP-Konepaja Oy was established in 1987 and is located in Pori´s Uusiniitty industrial area. To us JP is an abbreviation for the words "Joustavan Palvelun Konepaja", " The workshop that provides flexible service".

Right sized partner for you

JP-Konepaja Oy gives flexible service in accordance with the client´s wishes and schedule. In big projects we work together with other companies within a business network and this way we guarantee delivery dates. Pori´s Uusiniitty district has great road connections to transport bigger pieces.

Our Strength

All services in one stop


Quick response capability allows short delivery times.

Steel storage

Large storage of structural steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

The versatile and high-quality operations

In order to serve our customers diversely, we have created services from product development to production and installation, providing all in the "one-stop shop". In cooperation with us the customer can have the product design, manufacturing, finishing and installation. We are EN 1090-2 certified and we work under certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

To ensure the continued availability of products to our customers, we offer storage service which allows customers to order more cargo needed by fast delivery, or by agreement we can offer a buffer stock of standard products.


  • Plasma Machine
  • Plate Bending Machine
  • Geka Minicrop Ironworker
  • Roll Bender
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes
  • Pipe Bending Machine
  • Plate roll

Plasma Machine

Model: Microstep PLS 6001.35PRPG

Year: 2008

Cutting thickness, gas: 10-150 mm

Cutting thickness, plasma: 1-60 mm

Size of the cutting table: 3500 x 6000 mm

Speed range: 0-30000 mm/min

Plate Bending Machine

Model: MVD INAN CNC HAP 35/300

Control: Delam DA-56

Year: 2012

Compressive force: 300 ton

Max length: 3600 mm

Free zone: 3100 mm

Geka Minicrop Ironworker

Model: Minicrop Geka

Roll Bender

Model: SAF DS60

Year: 2007

Power: 4 kW

Hydraulic Press Brakes

Model: Hidroliksan 160 ton

Year: 2012

Pipe Bending Machine

Model: CBC UNI76

Year: 2011

Max pipe size: 76,1 x 5

Plate roll

Model: Akypak AHK 260/2100

Year: 2006

Power: 9 kW

Max plate thickness: 12 mm


JP-Konepaja Oy

Nyrhintie 8, 28760 PORI

Business ID: 2049251-6

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JP-Konepaja Oy

Nyrhintie 8

28760 PORI


Online invoicing address: FI3757000220013835

Operator: OKOYFIHH

OVT: 003720492516

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Vesa Rinne

Vesa Rinne

General Manager / IWE

+358 44 365 8001

Miikka Hiltunen

Miikka Hiltunen

Product Manager

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Toni Vuotari

Toni Vuotari

Designing / CE

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Tapio Saukko

Tapio Saukko

Supervisor / IWS

+358 50 561 5583

Juho Isotalus

Juho Isotalus

Laatupäällikkö / IWS